Camp Milldale Calendar

August 2015
Date Event Comment
August 5  Superhero Day  Reveal your own superhero self! Are you Mashugana Mensch? Recycle Woman? Gaga Guru? We can't wait to see you! No weapons please.  
August 7  Sheldon Low Concert  Rock out with the best! Shabbat- Don't forget your camp shirt! 
August 7  Arts Camp Showcase   
August 10  Israel Day  Show your love for Israel! Dress in blue and white and be prepared to ravel thousands of miles in just one day.  
August 10  Tzofim Friendship Caravan   
August 12  Sports Day  Football, baseball, soccer, lacrosse- show your team spirit! No equipment please.  
August 12  Oriole Bird  We love our O's. 
August 12  Over Night  Tzofim sleepover at Capital Camps 
August 14  Camp Milldale Carnival  Celebrate the last day of camp with DJ Doug. See you next summer!! Shabbat- Don't forget your camp shirt!