New for 2013

Camp Milldale, Baltimore's premier Day Camp gets a new Zipline over the lake.What's new for 2013? 

New Zip lines over Lake Milldale

Wheeeeeeeee!!!!!!! What was that noise? It's the sound our campers will be making at Milldale this summer as they ZIP along on our brand new ZIP LINES!!!!

One zip line will go over the lake, while the other will hug the shoreline (ideal for our youngest campers). Keep checking our Facebook page for pictures and updates as construction progresses!

We had a contest and LILAH's submitted name won!  Congrats LILAH.  The New Zip Line will hereby be known as THE BIG BREEZY! 



But wait...THERE'S MORE!!!


Zodiac Boat at Camp Milldale

A New Zodiac boat at camp milldale a day camp in Baltimore and Reisterstown will enable all campers to safely see the lake up close.Also new in 2013 is a Zodiac Boat! WHAT IS A ZODIAC boat? A ZODIAC Boat is a motorized vessel that will allow us to zoom-zoom-zoom our campers around the lake (not too fast though!) This is a great new feature for our beginner swimmers because it's a fun and safe way for them to explore the wonders of our lake. We can't wait to try it out!

But wait...there's EVEN MORE!!


New ball field for our youngest campers is being installed at camp milldale in Reisterstown.  Milldale is only 20 minutes from Baltimore city.New fields for Camp Milldale

This summer - athletics at camp will have special new features! We are redesigning our old ball fields and turning them into a field of dreams for our younger campers so that they can play kickball, softball & t-ball on a field made just for them! We're also building a new soccer field so that our kids can play Kadur Regel (Soccer in Hebrew) as much as they want!

What else? MORE SHADE!

Everyone knows that Camp Milldale is a cool place to be but it just got a whole lot cooler! We bought huge shade umbrellas - not the kind you see at the beach or on your back deck- these are ginormous! This photo shows the one we already have at the Owings Mills JCC Rec Park.


Could there be more? The answer is ...YES!

Have you heard of Milldale Sneak Peek? It's a brand new program at Camp Milldale. Campers who are entering Kindergarten in September of 2013 OR 2014 can try out camp for 1 week! The dates are August 12-16. Cost is $325 for members and $375 for non members (no additional discounts apply). Click here for more details about the Sneak Peak experience.



We are running a SUPER SNEAK PEEK SPECIAL! If you are a camper enrolled in any of our ECE programs at the JCC and enroll by March 15 you get 50% off AND your Sneak Peek payment will be applied to your camper's tuition for summer 2014! Now that's a great deal!

Refer a friend and SAVE!

Refer a friend to Camp Milldale Got friends looking for camp? Refer them to Camp Milldale and reap the rewards!  Refer-a-friend or Host a Parlor meeting and you will save! Click here to get the details!